Here are examples of past commercial work I've written and produced (unless otherwise noted).


Chloe ran for city council, and won!

Nike- Lebron X demo
Dark and gritty.

Oregon Lottery- What if You Won?
Client wanted an over the top 60's/ 70's folk jam. I love the whistling at the end. Co-written w/ Pete Krebs.

ODS - Move
Client wanted music and lyrics that captured the spirit of their campaign.

Brooks- Rise Above the Run
Client wrote lyrics and needed an energetic backdrop timed to the visual.

Oregon Lottery - Fashion Designer
Client wanted bangin' Euro-fashion show Christmas theme, dig the Deck the Halls techno part.

Oregon Lottery- Mattress
Quirky and lo-fi, and trumpet.

Nike- SB Flashpack - music sound design
(DJ Shadow composed this) Client wanted more excitement than the original track allowed so I grabbed snippets of the track and sound designed them. Goal was to make it sound transparent, like it was part of the original track, but accenting the picture.  I'm very happy with results.

Lens Baby- Quick-tour Voice Over
I did not compose music, it's stock. I recorded and mixed the voice-over and mastered the final audio.