The following samples are bands and artistic projects in which I've been involved.

The Satin Chaps- Catch on Quick
Co-writing, Engineering, Mixing, and Bass Guitar

Official video of The Dandy Warhols

Fever Ray- Now is the Only Time I Know (Gossip RMX)
Engineering and Mixing

Yacht!- Waste of Time (Hedford Vachal RMX)
Remix Production, Engineering, and Mixing

Scott Pemberton Trio- Kindness (live)

Satan's Pilgrims- Psych-A-Go-Go
Engineering and Mixing

Telephone- Automatic
Co-writing, Vocals, Keyboards, and Overdub Engineering

Ben Meyercord- New Home
Engineering and Mixing

Telephone- Ahead
Co-writing, Engineering, Vocals, and Keyboards

Hedford Vachal- Alan VS Gary
Co-writing, Engineering, and Mixing